Thursday 29 December, 2016
Facebook referendum

Scottish social media is a very unique place, and never more so than in 2016. We’ve got the research to prove it. 

Social media applications have allowed us a voice like never before, and a space to pour our collective thoughts, fears and passions.

It’s become increasingly interesting to study just what it is that we’re talking about online, not just to follow trends and fashions, but to see what it is that really engages us as a nation. We pride ourselves on knowing what it is that our clients – and their customers – are talking about.

We took a look at the subjects that were most discussed on Twitter in Scotland in 2016, and found some surprising results.

There were just two subjects that made the top ten in Scotland that were also featured in the worldwide audit of Twitter audiences.

Perhaps it’s because we weren’t at the European Championships, or because we’re the wrong side of the world to live-tweet about the Oscars, but Scottish audiences had their own priorities, and their own sense of humour.

Politics and sport feature heavily, but so do television programmes, although not in the same way as they do around the rest of the globe.

You can download our overview of the year to find out more, here:

Twitter in Scotland 2016