Tuesday 03 March, 2020

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is not only an invaluable platform that aids young people into the world of work but it helps our team of managers attract talent that brings diversity, new ideas and insightful learnings.

Natalie Buxton is the Managing Director of the Scotland offices. Throughout her 15 years with Weber Shandwick, recruitment, retention, training and development has been a key focus for Natalie who is a firm believer that if you invest in people, they will invest in the work you do.

“We are passionate at developing people through workplace learning and want to encourage more people of all ages and backgrounds to consider a career in communications, particularly if you have a passion for creativity and problem solving. This industry is exciting, fast moving, challenging and great fun. Hopefully, when we launch our 2020 programme in the next few months, a future managing director will apply.

“Most of the senior team at Weber Shandwick, myself included, joined the company early in their career – and there are definitely some future leaders who joined through our apprentice programme over the last few years.

Thom Watt is a digital Associate Director at Weber Shandwick in Scotland and has worked to help develop the specialist skills of our apprentices.

“It may be our job to teach apprentices more about life in the communications profession, but so often we find young people who educate us on the possibilities of our industry. Sometimes that’s through new apps or platforms, sometimes it’s bringing different experience and a new approach to an old problem.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to see the progress of our previous apprentices, but also to note how they’ve raised the bar for all of us.”

Jennifer Butler is an Associate Director at Weber Shandwick. She has played a key part in working with of our apprentices and young careers group and understands the importance of developing talent.

“Put simply, we couldn’t do what we do without our people. They’re the most important part of our business.

“I know first-hand that the support and development that the young workforce receives will shape and define their careers. Many of our rising stars have come through our early careers programme and it’s hard to imagine the business without them. They play an invaluable role – not only in the fresh skills and outlook that they bring, but in challenging us all as a team to be great colleagues, leaders and mentors.

“The early careers programme offers the young workforce a stepping stone to a hugely rewarding career and our team is here to offer the time, support and training to enable our newest recruits to thrive.”

Weber Shandwick in Scotland has run a highly successful apprenticeship scheme for the last four years, which has been pivotal in bringing fresh ideas and approaches to our business.

Keep an eye out for details of Weber Shandwick’s apprenticeships programme in the coming weeks.

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