Tuesday 05 May, 2020
Media Genius

Intelligent technology is transforming the media landscape – bringing with it disruptions to legacy business models and opportunities to engage through new and emerging approaches.

That’s why we created Media Genius, a guide to the trends, tech and strategies that are actively changing our world.

Media Genius was designed to help business leaders navigate breaks in media conventions. This interactive resource is intended to help users understand and adapt to disruptive changes impacting PR and marketing.

Our 2020 edition highlights five territories critical for communicators in the next 12-18 months. Each is brought to life with real-world examples, implications for businesses and a carefully curated selection of classes from innovative institutions worldwide.

The Study Guide is designed as both a primer and a resource to allow for deep-dives. We hope it piques your curiosity and gives you fluency in the new elements of modern media and communications, especially during such a turbulent time.

You can read more and download the report here.