Fashion in Scotland is an area of huge global interest. At every major fashion show across the globe, there’s normally at least one element from Scotland – from textiles to influence to the designers.

It’s an area finding more and more outlets with the rise in digital engagement as part of PR and our work has involved:

  • Blogger outreach and engagement
  • Image and content seeding
  • Traditional offline press engagement
  • Community management and engagement
  • Reputation management and promotion
  • Online/social media campaigns
  • Publications.

Scottish fashion and 21st century communications are two industries cut from the same cloth. There’s never been a better time for incredible fashion work to be showcased in a variety of ways from raising awareness of trends and collections, to helping people buy the desired items.

From mass-market to luxury items, PR and online engagement can be the main driver in increasing awareness, appeal and desire with our award-winning team helping on every stage of that journey.