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We’re Weber Shandwick Scotland’s political engagement specialists. We know how best to communicate with political audiences – what works, and sometimes more importantly – what doesn’t!

Our expert team is made up of former political staffers, journalists, government officials and others with public and voluntary backgrounds.

It’s been said recently that Scotland is the most politically engaged country in the world. The referendum inspired a level of participation in the political process that has not been seen for many years. More powers are on their way to Holyrood. The constitutional question has not been settled. An ever more confident (and powerful) Holyrood casts a very different political culture to the Westminster system.

It is against this ever shifting backdrop that we work with businesses, charities and other organisations to help navigate the new political establishment in Scotland. Having lived and breathed it for many years, we’re passionate about the cut and thrust of debate, the personalities, the agenda and the political process in Scotland. And we love working with people to make sure their message resonates with the right audiences.

We operate across the country and work with colleagues across the UK to bring strategy, scale and reach to our campaigns. We are proud to be one of the few agencies with leadership designed to meet the needs of every political constituency from Holyrood to Westminster and Brussels. Our award-winning teams (including two coveted Cannes PR Lions for client campaigns that made a real difference to policy) are drawn from government, journalism, public and voluntary backgrounds.

If you want to know more about the Scottish elections visit our award winning site Scotland Votes.

We’re committed to ethical conduct in public affairs, and fully support the move to statutory regulation for lobbyists in Scotland.

Our public affairs services include:

  • Parliamentary lobbying and campaigns:
    our core skill is the delivery of effective campaigns to drive issues in Parliament.
  • Political monitoring and intelligence gathering:
    we provide bespoke services to track issues and policy and advise clients on how to respond.
  • Political and public policy events:
    we mobilise large numbers of Parliamentarians and policy-makers at a variety of events, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, seminars and receptions.
  • Contact-building and profile-raising:
    we put clients in touch with key political and policy figures, raising the profile of their organisations and concerns.
  • Political media relations:
    we add press coverage to the mix of channels used to promote a public affairs case.
  • Coalition building:
    we bring together groups of third party organisations, aligning their views with those of our clients, seeking to press an issue more cohesively.
  • Parliamentary committee training:
    we prepare clients to make effective presentations to Parliamentary committees and similar hearings where the views of individuals and communities have a direct bearing on decision-making, we manage and mobilise their views in the client interest.
  • Crisis and issue management:
    in circumstances where a crisis or issue has political origins, we provide responsive, senior level support and counsel.
  • Political auditing:
    we research and measure political attitudes to client organisations.
  • Audience analysis, political marketing and database development: we build defined audience groups for clients and their issues and manage the implementation of that data.
  • Opinion research: working with our specialist research team, we provide quantitative and qualitative research for use in the context of political campaigns.
Scotland is on a journey to further legislative and regulatory powers. The current debate will determine to what extent and level these powers will be devolved to Holyrood, or established in a newly independent state.